Mark Makeup: How Beauty Goddess Lauren Conrad Introduced Me

22 Apr

I first heard of mark makeup when Lauren Conrad announced she was the brand ambassador.  She is known in part for her gorgeous winged eyeliner look she uses with black liquid eyeliner.  I always love to see her with it and thought that it would be so AMAZING to learn how to do that!!  I like LC.  She seems to be a pretty grounded Hollywood star.  In all honesty, I didn’t go out and get the mascara then, I had no idea how to do it and after all, mark makeup isn’t even sold in stores!

Mark makeup didn’t come up on my radar much after that.  Also, I wasn’t a big makeup junkie…yet.  This is mainly due in part to my not feeling confident about putting on makeup in more ways than what I learned from the MAC counter.  I loved my MAC makeup.  It went on so nicely.  I could look pretty with two eyeshadows and a couple of brushes.  It was like magic.  It was fun for me and I loved going to MAC and getting my makeup done.  At home, I’d copy it EXACTLY and would NEVER budge!!  But, MAC gets expensive for a college student!  Goodness.

My obsession with makeup began

After graduating and moving to my current city with my husband and new baby, I started dancing ballet again.  In the Spring of 2010, I danced in the ballet Dracula where I was casted as a Siren.  These Sirens were supposed to be seductive and somewhat conniving.  One of the fun parts of performing is getting all dressed in your costume and wearing the stage makeup.  For this part, what type of eye screams of seduction?  A smokey eye!  I danced with four other girls and at least two of them seemed like masters at makeup.

This was a great chance for me to finally figure out the mystery that was to me the smokey eye.  I found myself on YouTube for one of the first times ever and low and behold, there are SO MANY makeup tutorials of the smokey eye!  Makeup tutorials quickly became an addiction as I gained confidence and the understanding of techniques and how it all works together.

I stumbled across one tutorial of a girl putting on some mark mascara, Lash All You Want.  The outcome was IMPRESSIVE!  I NEVER want to spend money on mascara.  You have to throw it out in a few months!  This mascara was cheap though, $10.  That’s it!  I was sold.


Mark Makeup

So, I found the website and discovered that it was fairly cheap, but also discovered the portion about becoming a mark representative.  Out of curiosity, I read the blurb.  I was actually sold on that idea as well!  I know others who do these types of business and I’ve loved the products, but NEVER wanted to be a rep.  But, for mark makeup, I was wanting it.  I sat on the idea for about two weeks.  My desire kept growing.  And so, in October of 2011 I signed up.  I felt a little silly since I had never tried the makeup before.  But, I figured I didn’t have much to loose.

Less than a week after signing up, I received my starter package,  my new mascara that I made sure to purchase as well, and a few other items I decided to try out (hello one of my favorite winter shirts!).  I played with the makeup, the eyeshadows, the mascara, and the WONDERFUL LIQUID EYELINER that Lauren Conrad uses for the famous winged eyeliner I spoke of earlier.

My goal for this blog is to do reviews for mark makeup.  As I was researching mark makeup, there really is not a lot of information out there.  There aren’t  many solid reviews or pictures for this brand.  Also, one thing mark makeup states is that it is high brand makeup at a fraction of the cost.  Why don’t we compare this and find out?

Let’s go on this fun journey together and you will see my reviews on mark makeup!




Image Credit: Sugar Lips_ on Flickr



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    What’s up?, can anybody able to recommend on a great way to get the cat-eye look with eye-liner? thanks

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