Mark Makeup and my eBoutique

2 Feb

I wanted to post in regards to what an eBoutique is and links that I will be posting to my OWN eBoutique.  After several posts I started to realize that when I post a link for a mark makeup or fashion product for you to purchase or see on their website.

I want to make it clear what my intentions are.  There are MANY reps across the nation for mark makeup and every representative has an eBoutiques.  The cool thing about eBoutiques is that you can make a purchase at ANY time ANWHERE!  This is nice because if you like shopping online, it’s so simple.  If you know what you want, there is no hassle with waiting to talk to someone.  Also, it will be shipped directly to you!  So, mark has made it so simple for the consumer and it’s just like ordering from any old website.


You can also order directly through mark without ordering through a representative if that suits you.  That website is ____________________.


Shipping no matter what is going to be $3.  That’s not shabby at all.  But, if you order through a rep’s eBoutique, you will get free shipping on ANY orders $30 or over.  Also, you can use the codes that are specific to the representatives.  All representatives will have the same codes that can get you special offers.  Special offers are constatntly offered through mark makeup.  They will issue them out to their representatives and your representative should inform you about it.  (As I will on this website).


That being said, you will always be able to take a offer I show you and if you already have a representative you can use it on her eBoutique.


Here are the pros and cons of ordering through a representative or a just the mark store.


Representative (website is known as an eBoutique):


  • special codes and offers
  • open 24/7
  • will have a point of contact IF you want one
  • free shipping always on orders $30 and over
  • $3 shipping on orders under $30
  • Shipped directly to your home
  • You may not want to be associated with ordering through a representative.
Through Mark website alone (
  • You don’t have to be associated with ordering through a representative.
  • open 24/7
  • free shipping???
  • will not have a point of contact with a representative if you need something (i.e. will have to go through customer service.  Will not get one on one support.
  • More shipping costs???
  • No special offers????
Both eboutiques and
  • shipped directly to home
  • no hassle returns (you pay shipping though)
So, obviously, when I post something from mark, I want to put a link.  I have chosen to put MY OWN eBoutique as the link.  This is just because I can’t put individual representative’s links up as there are so many.  And why not try to sell from my own?  Right?
I could put the meet mark website, but I am a representative, so I will represent them and put my own.  Besides, if you have to choose, mark. would prefer you to go trhough a reprensentative anyway.  That’s how their business is set up.  We are their salespeople.
But, if you don’t want to purchase through my own eboutique, you don’t have to.  You can go to the website and just order through that site.  Or if you have a representative you already prefer, go to their eboutique and you’ll know what the item is since I posted a link.  You should know exactly how to find it and what it looks like.
And the last thing is that if you don’t have a representative, but want one that is close to you, then you can go here and search representatives that are by you.
Choose whatever you like best.  If you want me to be your representative, I’d be more than happy to of course!  You can go to my eBoutique and just sign up and you can start to order.  If you ever want to throw a party, but I’m not close by, then I suggest you looking for one closer to you.
From my own personal experience, I love making homemade cards. there is a wonderufl stamping company that is a direct sales company.  Stampin’ Up!  When I first encountered the company, I had the one representative I really liked.  She was sooooo informative and nice!  She wsa fun to learn how to make cards from.  We moved and I didn’t know how to buy the prodcuts.  Luckily, she had set up her online store.  It was so helpful.  Then, I wanted to throw a party and my sister in law told me of a girl in my hometown that went to my hcurch who sold stampin up as well.  I threw a party with her.
Both girls were fantastic representatives.  I used both.  I’d throw parties with the grils from my hometown and made some occasional purchases.  She didn’t hve an online shope thtough.  And once, I wanted to just buy something online, I knew exatly what I wanted, so if I ever wanted to just buy something online, I”d go through my friend who lived in Austin.  The thing is that it’s only advantageiuous to buy froma  deomostartsor from SU because all prices are reduced if you do.
That isn’t the case with mark.
It was just whatever was most convenient to me.  I liked both of them, but I’ll tell you, if one of the reprs didn’t work well with me, I wouldn’t have used her.
So, make sure you enjoy your representative.  She’s there to help YOU and give YOU great customre service.  That’s important.  So, if you aren’t havppy with a representative that is close to your area or that you alrady have contact wtih, don’t feel bad to shp around for a new one.
It’s important for you to get what you want and what you need.  And both of you will be happier with how things are done if you stick doing it hata way.
So, in short, whenever I link a product from mark, I will link it from my eboutique.  And if you want to buy it, feel free to buy it from me, another rep, or even just the mark store.

Mark Makeup: What’s the Best Affordable Liquid Eyeliner?

6 Mar

Mark makeup’s waterproof liquid eyeliner is called Get in Line. This eyeliner comes in a variety of colors and is your typical liquid eyeliner with a brush. It has a small eyeliner brush that is attached to the top tube like most other liquid eyeliners. The review I will be covering is based on the color Painted Black. This eyeliner is considered to be part of Mark’s “hook ups”. Mark states that this product will last up to 10 hours and one can paint on a precise line with it’s brush.  $6.50 for 0.12 fl oz.

Get in Line comes in a variety of simple colors. Four to be exact. You will find Black (Painted Black), Brown (Cocoa Coquette), Blue (Deep Aqua), and a purple (Violet Eyes).

Get in Line is very precise in it’s application. It contains 0.12 fluid ounces and comes in a typical tubed container. It is very compact and easy to carry around. One can hook this eyeliner up with any other hook up Mark has to offer. The pigmentation of the black is very pigmented and the duration is quite incredible.


The Best Eye Options From Mark Makeup

15 Feb

I decided to lump some of my reviews into categories.  Today, I’m going to focus on Eye Makeup from Mark.  This is a description of the major categories in eye makeup that Mark Makeup has to offer along with the purposes for these products.

As previously stated in older posts, Mark makeup is a company that was formed off of Avon cosmetics for the sole purpose of marketing to a younger generation. They carry multiple beauty lines including makeup, skincare, and even hair care. These products can be purchased either by finding a local representative or buy shopping online through their website. They pride themselves on providing a high quality product at a low price. Mark’s eye makeup is a widely popular item and here is a brief overview of what all they can offer a customer.

A customer favorite in eye shadows is the wet/dry eye shadows. These shadows can be applied either wet for an intense look or dry for a natural look. Customers like the versatility of the product, as well as the twenty-two color options offered. This product can produce even more looks depending on which of the three finishes, satin, shimmer, or matte, that the customer chooses. These shadows can be either be purchased solo or in a multi-palette.  To purchase a multi-palette, the customer can choose from a mini version that holds two colors or a mid-size version that holds four eye shadows.

Another eye shadow option is the iMark metallic eye shadows. These are highly pigmented colors that feature metallic components. The shadows are offered in six velvety color shades. They are made with high quality and claim to last all day without creasing. These shadows can also be purchased either alone or in a palette featuring multiple colors.

A unique product that this company sells is the Keep It Going Longwear Eyeliner and Shadow. This product contains two colors in a pod that can double as both an eye shadow and an eyeliner. These are water-proof, gel-based products that are available in seven different colors. This combination last all day and typically creates a very bold look.

Eye liner is an important part of creating a beautiful eye, and this company offers many choices in eye liner products. A favorite among customers is the multiple types of liquid liner available. These multiple types serve many specific purposes such as long lasting wear or producing a metallic look. Other popular liners include the felt tip liner and the traditional smudge-resistant liner. All of these products are available in multiple colors to better match a customer’s skin tone.

The mascara line offers products available to target many specific eyelash needs. A top seller for this line is the Lash All You Want High-Volume Mascara that provides voluminous lashes. Other popular mascara products include the Lash Act Build and Define Mascara as it builds, defines, and lengthens lashes. Similar to other lines, all of these mascara products are offered in multiple color shades. Many mascaras and eye liners can be paired together with a Mark connector piece for convenience.

Eye primer is a product that customers often forget about. It provides a tacky base for eye shadows to adhere, creating a longer staying power and minimizing creasing.  Primer can also keep the pigmentation of the eye shadow true to it’s color.  Mark’s Please Hold Eye Primer serves multiple purposes, the primary one being to provide a better foundation for eye shadow, it also can conceal dark eye circles. This creamy product is oil free and available in two color shades.

Mark makeup is a great solution for any consumer looking for high quality cosmetics while on a budget. These eye products can be combined together to create a bold, beautiful eye without breaking the bank. All of these products can be easily purchased online or through a representative.

The addition of Mark Makeup to the existing line of Mark fashions is a welcome news item for fashionistas. You can see enjoy a wide array of makeup, hair and face products, and fashion with the Mark brand.

Mark Makekup update: I’m Still Here!

8 Feb

Goodness, what a hiatus at such an unexpected time!!  I really didn’t expect to be gone.  And especially for this length of time is just something I wasn’t planning on in the least.  I really do have good expectations for my blog; one of which is to blog regularly.  I enjoy creating my blog.  It’s very young as of now and I hope to see it grow.

In today’s blogosphere world, I have found myself yearing to be part of it.  Each day, I get emails regarding updates to blogs I follow.  They are enjoyable and productive because through them I find fun, new things to try out.  Whether it be recipes, craft projects, beauty products/tips, or books to read, I feel like these blogs are creative outlets for people to share their passions.  And I so want to be a part of that. :)

For me, I thought it would be fun for me to provide reviews on Mark makeup.  I joined the company as a representative in 2011 and am not able to find many reviews on the products.  I’ve enjoyed the items I have received (some more than others).  The main purpose for representatives is to sell the Mark makeup.  My only problem is I am NOT a salesperson.  I hate doing it.  And yes, when we get down to it, this is a stupid company for me to take part in as a salesperson of such.

But, you see, it was only $20 for me to sign up.  And I received a starter kit of makeup.  I thought about it for 2 weeks and decided to jump on it.  Y ou see, part of me REALLY wanted to talk makeup, beaty, and fashion with mly friends and I thought this would be a fun way.  So, I jumped on it.  I discovered something quickly as I talked about Mark makeup wiht my friends.  Nobody has heard about it hwere I live.  It’s not well know.  That mixed with me not having a desire to be the sales person that would be beneficial for this, I am opting to go a different route.

You see, I figure good makeup and fashion will sell iteself.  There is a reason why girls love MAC cosmetics.  Or flock to Ulta and there are a number of high end brands on the shelves.  Forever 21 is a store that girls love to go to for it’s fun, on trend fashion and low prices.  The thing I have seen is that I don’t have to be a sales person when my friend compliments me on my eye shadow and I tell her about my new favorite find, the Urban Decay Naked palette.  I told her where I got it, and because she was able to see it and try it out for herself, she now owns both the Naked and Naked 2 palettes.  That is what I find to be fun about makeup.  The idea is the same for Mark makeup, but it is not realistic for me to buy it all in one go and where it everywhere because I don’t wish to do that.  I love wearing pieces of the jewelry and makeup.  But I do love my other makeup and other jewelry as well.  So, to avoid being a walking billboard every day, I thought a blog would be a fun way to introduce the world of Mark makeup to my friends and readers out there.

My desire is to put out reviews and pictures regarding the products Mark has to offer.  I have discovered that with the monthy changes Mark has to offer and the learning curve I’m facing, I’m getting behind in my expectations for myself.  So, today, I post to finally get somthing out there and to let everyone know I’m still here!!

It’s been busy since I last posted and I do mean busy!  Here’s a brief synopsis:



I became a little shell shocked after starting my blog and actually had some questions regarding my URL.  It set me back for about a week.  The problem was during that week,  was in the throws of ending our ballet year at the ballet school I’m teaching at with our end of the year recital.  It’s always a fun time for me, full of excitemnt, anticipation, and adoring parents.  I love working with the students I have.  I had the younger classes (3/4 year olds) and they are so much fun to work with!  They are adorable, small, and so determined!  I also work with some of the intermediate students, who are advancing in ballet, yet still have so much to acheive!  They danced beautifully as well.  But, that, with my family, just took the last bit of extra time that existed in my life.  :)



June came and several things occurred that kept me decently distracted.  The first part of June, I threw my FIRST OFFICIAL Mark party!  It was actually quite a pain (I’ll do a whole post on it).  And it took several weeks to close (supposedly unheard of!).  I feel like I learned a lot and would love to make a post on it to help others.  But, that party took way more time than it should have.

Also in June, I babysat for one of my wonderful friends.  She has two daughters and in order for her to go to school, she needed help with her two  girls.  This was a Monday-Friday affair from morning till noon.  But, not only that, our very own daughter had a birthday that month!  So, I was planning her birthday and her birthday party and wouldn’t you know, I decided to make it two separate occasions.  Perhaps not again.  But, it was fun and I do believe she really enjoyed it.  Do you want to see a picture of the cake I made?  It is no secret that I take great pride in this sucker.





As the first part of the summer flew by, I realized that something big was about to happen to our family and I needed the rest of July to plan because at the end of August a new baby would be born!  Yes, my baby was due the end of August and it dawned on my in July that I was NOT ready…in the LEAST!  This is no exageration at all!  So, I spent July getting things out of storage, washing clothes, fitting in baby showers:), and traveling to San Antonio for my nieces birthday celebration.  It seemed each week had something big planned and I was in full nesting mode!

At the end of August, our little boy was born…and I spent the next few weeks on hiatus, not caring about anything except bonding with my new little one.




Since he was born, my daughter started pre school, the holidays came and went, and we just moved.

It was around December that it dawned on me that life will never slow down, so I can’t wait for it to.  I keep having inklings to continue with my blog and in order to do so, I’m just going to have to give it a go and not wait around for things to settle down.  I’ll have to find the quiet in the midst of the storm that is life.  :)  And in actuality, my life isn’t “stormy” in the least.  We are very blessed in our life.  There is just always “stuff” going on and I need to work around it.  And if there is one thing I’ve realized since last May is that it will always be busy.  Life won’t slow down, so I just have to bear with it and blog away.  So here we go!

Mark Makeup: Fashion and Rebecca Minkoff

8 May

One thing I really admire is that mark. is always keeping up with the latest trends in fashion, which is more that just their mark makeup.  The saavy thing about this is that mark. is always aiming to please the wallets of those whose budgets may not be as big as some others, but still want to get quality for their purchases.


For example, Rebecca Minkoff.  She’s a top designer and is known for her bags.  She creates such beautiful purses in all shapes and colors of TOP quality.  However, her bags range in cost from $145-$595.  Not so doable for most people out there depending on how they want or need to spend their hard earned money.


mark. teamed up with the wonderful Rebecca Minkoff and she designed a bag for mark. as part of their fashion line.  That is what I deem as outstanding.  The reason being is because this bag is way more affordable for those who can’t or don’t want to spend more money on her beatiful bags that are sold in high end stores such as Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, or Neiman Marcus.  You can also find some at various websites, but always remember to stick the letitimate ones as eBay and such may have knock offs.  Her website obviously is another way to go if you’re interested in one of her high end models.  Unfortunately in my little town, we don’t have many (if any!) high end stores to purchase bags such as these.  I usually need to resort to the wonderful world wide web!  :)


Mark Makeup Review:  Juice Gems

4 May

Juice Gems



This week, I decided to post on a staple of mark. makeup:  Juice Gems.  ($7.50 for 0.5 fl oz)

Juice Gems are a tinted, fruity lip gloss.  They come in 8 different shades/flavors.  The pictures you see and the information you will read is particularly over Snow Peach (or Juicy Snow Peach).

Mark Cosmetics and My Goals

27 Apr

Hello again!  Did you know that Mark makeup is actually just mark. spelled as mark. with a period?!?  It is!  But, for the ease of writing, you will see me randomly capitalize the word or not include the period.  When I first got started with mark. I made sure to ALWAYS send emails and make Facebook posts with it spelled the “correct” way.  Quickly, I just found that I confused people who weren’t familiar with the brand.  Also at times, it really didn’t aid in reading coherence and comprehension.  A period in the middle of a sentence really throws you off!!!  So, you will see that the the word “mark.” will vary in my blog posts.  All I ask is that you bear with me. :)

Now, I just wanted to explain in this post a few details about what I hope to achieve with this blog as well as describe the format of what I plan for you to see as you visit my page, Mark Makeup Reviews.

Obviously, my MAIN goal and aspiration is to post REVIEWS!!  I’m so excited by this and really can’t wait to jump in.  However, I want to do QUALITY reviews.  And quality for me means that I need direction with my blog.  I want to really give a good description of what the products are and what they look like.  I want to include pictures.  Also, as I can, I am going to give comparisons to other makeup brands. 

As with any makeup lover, using all sorts of brands is quite fun and enticing.  We all have our favorites and preferences, but let’s be honest, we also love trying new things.  And we LOVE finding GREAT makeup at WONDERFUL prices!!  I know I do! 

 When to expect reviews?

I will start by committing to post one review each week.  For the beginning, I feel like this is a fair number.  My goal is to keep my blog ALIVE as well as organic.  It is important for my posts to flow naturally.  One review per week will keep me motivated, but not overwhelm me.  The goal for my first review will be up within the week; a week from this post today.  Wahoo!  Is anyone else excited or is it just me??

What to expect from my reviews? 

As I mentioned earlier, I really want quality reviews.  I just can’t find too many solid, consistent ones.  Reviews are so much more than just what I think of a product.  I feel they must be unbiased to an extent.  However, in the end, I will state what MY thoughts and feelings are about the products.  Through time, I’m sure my preferences towards makeup that I like, what works for my skin, and my lifestyle will become quite apparent.  In my opinion, a review should be unbiased followed by a nice dose of personal experience.  After all, it’s nice to hear what others have to say about a makeup product!  But keep in mind, something that may not work for me, may work WONDERS for another!  Which is why describing the product and finding similarities to how something works will be a goal of mine.  (Obviously, this will take time to build upon, but hopefully you get my point here!)

What will I review?

Mark makeup is about beauty AND fashion.  Mark has some amazing fashion products as well!  I do have a few of their items, I have not stocked up on many of their fashion products, but I will state that I am VERY HAPPY with everything I have received.  I will explain in greater detail in the review posts!  But, I will review everything from mark cosmetics to handbags and everything in between.  Mark’s products include makeup, bath and body, hair products, clothing, shoes, handbags, and jewelry.  I will review all of these products in greater detail.  Some items that I will review may have been retired.  If this is the case, I will always state it in the headline of the post.  BUT, since Mark strives to stay up with the fashion trends, the hopes of me doing this is to give you an idea of how their products are and I will post an alternative to what I reviewed with something that is currently being sold.

More than JUST reviews:

I want this blog to be more than JUST reviews.  For that reason, I will also explain what mark cosmetics is all about and what the company does.  It’s such an asset to understand the company and I really do love this company.  It’s important to me to explain how they keep up with the fashion trends, what it means to have a brand ambassador, what the m.powerment campaign really means, the role of Mark Representatives, the purpose of an eBoutique, and how parties are hosted.  Call it the teacher in me (I am a certified teacher!), but I found that when I first became a representative my friends didn’t really understand what Mark makeup was.  The last thing I want to feel like is a walking sales person.  If that were the case, I probably would have majored in business and not education. 

What do I hope to gain from my blog?

I hope it can be interactive.  I want to have a good time blogging.  And I really want to see more consistent and solid reviews about this makeup brand.  In hopes of my blog being more interactive, please  comment below and keep me posted on what you’d like to see!  Or comment if you’ve tried a product and let us know how you felt about it.  And if you’re not familiar with the brand, but your interest is peaking, feel free to go and look at the Mark website.  Of course, I’m going to send you to my eBoutique.  Search around and enjoy window shopping.  If there’s something you are wondering about, comment below and let me know.  Also, you can email me from my eboutique and I’ll get the message.  You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter.  I will tell you I’m just getting used to my Twitter, so you may need to be a little patient there. 

What would YOU like to see reviewed?

Quite honestly, I haven’t decided what my first review will be about yet.  (It’ll be a surprise for both of us!)  I have several ideas swimming around in my head.  But in the mean time, what would you like to see reviewed?  Is their a mark makeup product you are curious about?  Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let me know what you’d like to see reviewed!

Mark Makeup: How Beauty Goddess Lauren Conrad Introduced Me

22 Apr

I first heard of mark makeup when Lauren Conrad announced she was the brand ambassador.  She is known in part for her gorgeous winged eyeliner look she uses with black liquid eyeliner.  I always love to see her with it and thought that it would be so AMAZING to learn how to do that!!  I like LC.  She seems to be a pretty grounded Hollywood star.  In all honesty, I didn’t go out and get the mascara then, I had no idea how to do it and after all, mark makeup isn’t even sold in stores!

Mark makeup didn’t come up on my radar much after that.  Also, I wasn’t a big makeup junkie…yet.  This is mainly due in part to my not feeling confident about putting on makeup in more ways than what I learned from the MAC counter.  I loved my MAC makeup.  It went on so nicely.  I could look pretty with two eyeshadows and a couple of brushes.  It was like magic.  It was fun for me and I loved going to MAC and getting my makeup done.  At home, I’d copy it EXACTLY and would NEVER budge!!  But, MAC gets expensive for a college student!  Goodness.

My obsession with makeup began

After graduating and moving to my current city with my husband and new baby, I started dancing ballet again.  In the Spring of 2010, I danced in the ballet Dracula where I was casted as a Siren.  These Sirens were supposed to be seductive and somewhat conniving.  One of the fun parts of performing is getting all dressed in your costume and wearing the stage makeup.  For this part, what type of eye screams of seduction?  A smokey eye!  I danced with four other girls and at least two of them seemed like masters at makeup.

This was a great chance for me to finally figure out the mystery that was to me the smokey eye.  I found myself on YouTube for one of the first times ever and low and behold, there are SO MANY makeup tutorials of the smokey eye!  Makeup tutorials quickly became an addiction as I gained confidence and the understanding of techniques and how it all works together.

I stumbled across one tutorial of a girl putting on some mark mascara, Lash All You Want.  The outcome was IMPRESSIVE!  I NEVER want to spend money on mascara.  You have to throw it out in a few months!  This mascara was cheap though, $10.  That’s it!  I was sold.


Mark Makeup

So, I found the website and discovered that it was fairly cheap, but also discovered the portion about becoming a mark representative.  Out of curiosity, I read the blurb.  I was actually sold on that idea as well!  I know others who do these types of business and I’ve loved the products, but NEVER wanted to be a rep.  But, for mark makeup, I was wanting it.  I sat on the idea for about two weeks.  My desire kept growing.  And so, in October of 2011 I signed up.  I felt a little silly since I had never tried the makeup before.  But, I figured I didn’t have much to loose.

Less than a week after signing up, I received my starter package,  my new mascara that I made sure to purchase as well, and a few other items I decided to try out (hello one of my favorite winter shirts!).  I played with the makeup, the eyeshadows, the mascara, and the WONDERFUL LIQUID EYELINER that Lauren Conrad uses for the famous winged eyeliner I spoke of earlier.

My goal for this blog is to do reviews for mark makeup.  As I was researching mark makeup, there really is not a lot of information out there.  There aren’t  many solid reviews or pictures for this brand.  Also, one thing mark makeup states is that it is high brand makeup at a fraction of the cost.  Why don’t we compare this and find out?

Let’s go on this fun journey together and you will see my reviews on mark makeup!




Image Credit: Sugar Lips_ on Flickr